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At MRR we aren't just about Medical Records....


At MRR we dont just collect medical records. We specialize in a host of services, to include specializing in retrieving (and offering cost sharing possibilities) for all litigation related documents, including:


  • Medical Records

    • Retrieving, by provider and production in 'by provider' or 'chronological format'

  • Medical Summarizing

    • ​Records sorted as requested and summarized with chronological detail and also with insertion of physican-reviewer comments regarding medical treatment

  • Social Security Disability Related Documents​

  • Billing Records

  • Worker's Compensation Related Documents

  • Social Security Records

    • ​Earnings records

  • Pathology Materials

    • ​Locating, preparing transfer to pathology expert for analysis

  • Radiology Films

    • ​Locating, preparing for transfer for expert analysis

  • Personnel/Employment Records

  • IRS Tax Records

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