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Where records aren't just retrieved...
they are transformed into valuable litigation tools.

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MRR is a nation-wide medical records retrieval, scanning, storage and summarizing firm. Our records retrieval specialists are on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week working to provide you and your clients with the highest quality, lowest cost record retrieval/litigation support available in the country. 

In business since the 1990s, MRR’s goal has always been to ease the litigation burdens associated with gathering the records you need to serve your case. As our clients will attest, you simply will not find a lower cost, more attentive group of doctors/nurses and records specialists standing by to provide the quality of service your case demands.


At MRR, we understand that medical records often form the backbone of a multitude of litigation. Properly collecting the medicals is just the preliminary step in the medical aspect of any case. The medicals as a pile of paper can be just that. But they can be and should be so much more. At MRR, we stand with you, as medical record consultants, through every step of your litigation. It is truly the attention to detail that sets us apart.


We can compile the records in chronological form and isolate additional providers which other firms simply ignore. We also summarize the records in a manner that allows the attorney to comprehend the records and fully get a feel for the medical component of their case. Because our work is done by certified nurses and doctors, you aren't just getting a summary your paralegal could provide. You are getting a layman's understanding of the medical...a translation...which can assist your trier of fact to better understand your case.



 At MRR, we offer record collecting for a variety of records, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Records

  • Social Security Disability Related Documents

  • Billing Records

  • Workers’ Compensation Related Documents

  • Pathology Materials

  • Social Security Records

  • Radiology Films

  • Personnel/Employment Records

  • We also offer...

  • Bates stamping of documents

  • medical summarizing. 

  • Data storage

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